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An end-to-end, single phone call solution for technology support
As a small business owner who is managing a busy, growing company, you  don’t have the time or resources to deal with managing an Information Technology (IT) department. JTech provides comprehensive technology solutions and support, so you can do what you do best - run your business.
About Me
Jon Weiss
Occupation: President & Technology Consultant
Location: Columbus, OH
I started JTech because I identified a need for honest, reliable technology services at an affordable price. As a previous small business owner, I had my own experiences with computer firms that often recommended solutions that were far more expensive or complicated than necessary. Often the simplest and least expensive solution is the best one for small to medium-sized businesses.

I am proud of the solutions that I can provide my clients at a cost that reflects a great value. My clients trust my recommendations and know that I will give them straight talk and answers to accomplish their goals.

My expertise is based on solutions centered on Microsoft’s Small Business model (Windows Small Business Server, Windows Client Operating Systems, Linux, Unix and the Microsoft Office suite of applications.)

Your technology investment should help you grow your business - not drain your resources.

JTech provides affordable solutions.

As your trusted technology advisor, I can help you pinpoint specific technologies and analyze the cost/benefit potential of IT investments. Technology benefits are recognized in increased growth and revenue, but can also take the form of organizational efficiencies, staff reductions, or customer service improvements.

As your trusted technology advisor, it is my job to guide you toward the right service solutions. I provide affordable business computer services and technical support with same- day, weekend, and evening appointments.
  • Network, Installation and Support
  • Cloud Computing Setup and Administration
  • Anti-Virus and Internet Security
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Custom Software Development for Windows, Linux/Unix
  • Custom Database Development
Is your financial, proprietary, and customer data secure from malware, viruses, phishing, and hacking attacks?

If disaster strikes, will you still have the data to run your business??

You can count on JTech
for the right solutions!
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Industry Certifications
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